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For Sale Coral Colonies And Clam

Discussion in 'Trading/Selling/Free/WTB' started by hustla22, Jul 7, 2019.

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    Oct 4, 2009
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    My corals are growing well, so it's time to thin out some corals.
    The following coral colonies listed below are for sale.
    First come, first served. All coral colonies seen in the photos are the actual corals you're getting. Photos are in order of the listing. Package deal available if you buy 4 or more colonies.

    $50 - large yellow long skirt zoa colony
    $40 - medium size yellow long skirt zoa colony
    $70 - extra large colony of green star polyps
    $65 - bi-colored tips (pink and green tips mixed) hammer coral colony (6-8 heads)
    $70 - fire and ice zoa colony w/ a small piece of rainbow pocillopra attached (hundreds of polyps)
    $65 - green tip frogspawn colony (8-10 heads)
    $45 - seasons greetings montipora colony
    $30 - pink with blue polyps pocillopora colony
    $40 - 2-2.5" blue and purple deresa clam

    Pick up near Westgate Shopping Center, in Rocky River.

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