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Free Tds Meter & 10% Off!

Discussion in 'Air, Water & Ice' started by airwaterice, Oct 6, 2016.

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    Jun 19, 2013
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    FREE TDS meter (orders>$50) & 10% OFF from [​IMG]! A good TDS meter is our industrys BEST way to know when to change your membrane & DI resin. [Free TDS meter is offered for orders > $50.00, use code: "FREETDS" in the discount codes section of your shopping cart at]. All Cleveland Saltwater Enthusiast Association (CSEA) members can get 10% OFF on every order by using code: 27320. You can pay MORE but you can't get less than ZERO tds AND you know us, We have your filter pack! ALWAYS fresh, EVERY time. Want answers now? We are a family of humans that answer the phone! call us 772-461-0256 to talk to an EXPERT specializing in exclusively RODI for over 30 years OR shoot a email to As always Happy Reefing, your friends at Air Water & Ice (offer expires 12/31/16)

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