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Buy or Build - New Larger Sump

Discussion in 'DIY & Hardware' started by John Phelan, Sep 8, 2015.

  1. John Phelan

    John Phelan
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    Aug 11, 2015
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    so i decided that trying to contort my body under my 60 gallon cube just wasn't going to work long term, so i build a 40 x 24x24 box to match my tank stand and place directly next to my tank. I moved over the plumbing yesterday and have decided that with my additional space my sump is to small. I realize that i just bought this sump but it doesn't have room for a refuigium or additional pumps for my planned 2 reactors.

    Originally i was thinking i would buy a 40 gallon breader to fit in this box and then put a small 10 gallon under my tank for my ATO. I have been researching baffle's and see that some use Glass others Poly Carbonate and still yet some use kits like can be found on Ebay for precut poly carbonate. While i'm pretty handy i know nothing about making a sump and what makes a good sump versus a bad one.

    With my lack of knowledge i started looking at premade sumps. I see some that would work for me, they are close to $500 and was probably more than i was hoping to pay for one, seems silly to say this after all the other expenses i have had with this tank another $500 is a small drop in the bucket.

    Then i got thinking, are there people in the area that build custom sumps? I think i read somewhere that Aquatica does some custom Polycarbonate work, not sure if anyone else does.

    Anyone long and short of it is i'm looking for ideas on which direction to take when getting a larger sump
  2. davesfish

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    Jun 1, 2014
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    north royalton, ohio
    Yes,Steve at Aquatica does build them,and so does Joel at Triton Marine. Both are sponsors of our club. But making one is easier think ! There really is no right or wrong when it comes to a home build,there is only "what works best for you"! Cutting the dividers is also very easy. It can be done with a basic circular saw. All you need to do is put masking tape over both sides where you plan on cutting. You can buy a tube of marine type silicon at either of those two stores.....along with the poly if you need to buy some. While you are at one of the stores,take a couple pictures and a few measurements,they will let you. And go home and have at it ! As you said, the money you spend on a new sump is a drop in the bucket it this hobby....but there are many other cool things you can spend that drop in the bucket on ! Remember the frag swap is coming soon ! Lol !
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