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Borrowing Club Equipment

Discussion in 'DIY & Hardware' started by davesfish, May 1, 2016.

  1. davesfish

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    Jun 1, 2014
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    north royalton, ohio
    I have been getting many requests lately to borrow the club PAR METER. So I am going to let you all know how it works. This is the way it was explained to me when I took office, and what I had to do to borrow it when I needed it. All club property (tools and equipment), are available for any paid club member to use as needed. To use any of this, you will need to either make arrangements to pick up at a meeting, or you can pick up at my house. At that time, you need to put a security deposit down on the equipment borrowed. I will list the amounts at the end. This can be done with cash, or a check, NO CREDIT CARDS ! IT will be held untill you return what you borrowed. Also...., returning the item is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY !!! I will not come get it....unless also pre-arranged. YOU BORROWED IT, YOU RETURN IT !!!! This has been an issue in the past, thats why I am discussing it now ! If you damage or break anything you borrow, you will be responsible to repair or replace the item. At this time, the three most needed items we have to use trap.....par meter....,and coral saw. The deposit for these items shall be.....,

    FISH TRAP...........................$50.00

    PAR METER........................$100.00

    CORAL WET SAW................$150.00

    EXTRA SAW BLADE.............$50.00

    This is to protect the condition and availability of all club property for the next person in line to use it. There will be a time limit on the use also, again to make sure everyone gets a turn. That will be agreed upon when you pick item up. So anyone that want to use anything, please post what you want here so we can be sure nobody get missed. Thank you.
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