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20 Gallon Peninsula Tank

Discussion in 'Member Tank Builds' started by brian1313, Feb 6, 2019.

  1. brian1313

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    Jan 16, 2018
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    I figured since I had some downtime at work and I want to be involved more with C-sea I would start with my tank build. My tank is about 1.5 years old but I have had to move it 3 times so I feel like i have had a tank build every 6 months ha. Here are some pictures as it currently stands.

    Tank: 20 Gallon IM Fusion Peninsula AIO

    Light: Nanobox Duo (on Mixed reef pre-set 12 Hr cycle with 1.5 hr sunrises and 1.5 hr sunset)

    Flow: 245 gph amazon offbrand return and Jebao wave pump on lowest setting

    Rock: Liferock

    Filtration: Intank basket in first chamber with Floss and Chemi Pure Blue, two marine pure blocks in 2nd chamber

    Heat: Two 75W Neotherm heaters

    Livestock: Normal Ocelllaris Clown, Platinum White Precula, Green Striped Goby, Coral Banded Shrimp, One fat blue legged hermit, bunch of misc snails

    Coral: Variety of Zoas, Green poc and pink poc, Duncan, Frogspawn, Green sinularia, Green Nepthea, Variety of Shrooms, Kenya Trees, Birdsnest, meteor shower cyphastrea, small green toadstool.

    Stand: a petco stand that I custom wrapped in different stained colored woods with a door on the front.

    This is not my first tank but its my first tank that I was willing to put serious time into and it has paid off. I love th small footprint and I love the peninsula style. I am hoping to move it to make a small room divider out of it. Its the perfect size for our living room and my 3 year old loves it and I love teaching her about all the stuff in there.

    Maitnence on it is pretty easy. I do a 25% water changer every 2-3 weeks and manually top off every morning and night ( I do have an ato just havent hooked it up) I also scrub the glass every other day. I manually dose reef roids and reef fuel about twice a week. I change filter floss every 2-4 days. My tank (Knock on wood) stays pretty clean as my hermit is a ferocious eater and works as an awesome cleanup crew although he does mow through my small crabs.

    I also want send a shout out to Nanobox as they make an awesome light. It is intense but works perfectly for the spread of my tank and my coral has looooved it! Its cool with the scheduling which I have messed with but havent put serious time into it. Its nice to control from my phone via an app. Also love that you can customize the lid which i just bought one to match my stand and hardwoods in the room.

    I will add more to this "journal" as live stock is added or if there is interest in knowing more. I am by no means even close to knowing 10% about reefkeeping and this is all trial by fire for me.

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  2. codemonkey812

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    Aug 8, 2011
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    Kent, OH
    I like what you did to the stand. Very nice tank.
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