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New Profile Posts

  1. 5Tanks4me
    5Tanks4me DiscoReefRover
    Stopping by to say hi, and see if you are interested in joining the club again??
  2. 5Tanks4me
    5Tanks4me codemonkey812
    Great looking tank! Glad to see some folks that are near me..
  3. 5Tanks4me
    5Tanks4me BlueFishAquariums
    A Big shout out to the BlueFish Aquariums team. They have a great store and a Friendly staff. Always eager to help customers. I shop there all the time..
  4. 5Tanks4me
    5Tanks4me stgawne
  5. 5Tanks4me
    5Tanks4me AquariumDepot
    Thanks for becoming a member. If you have any questions, feel free to ask..
  6. 5Tanks4me
    5Tanks4me 13carlover
    How was your experience with C-sea when you visited the page? Any questions ??
  7. 5Tanks4me
    5Tanks4me hustla22
    Would love to see you as a member again. Thanks For Sharing..
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  8. c2g174
    helping coral reefs grow one dollar at a time
  9. 5Tanks4me
    Preparing for Another water change.
  10. R & P Tech
    R & P Tech coldking
    Is it alright to dose phosphate RX to my tank now to remove hair able and add coral and a clam I buy at Fraggenstein tomorrow?
    1. R & P Tech
      R & P Tech
      Never Mind. I dosed Rx and the coral survived.
      Nov 7, 2018
  11. lori7973
    Looking for old members 2005-2010
  12. FizxVix3n
    Currently running a BC29 mixed reef and initiating a BC8 xenia and anemone reef. Looking forward to the next swap!
  13. rjchiles
    Not in the Face!
  14. DougSmum
  15. BLK
    Currently setting up a new nano 15 G!
  16. FizxVix3n
    It lives! The biocube is FINALLY seeing water! Hoping to have it cycles in time for the LEAR frag swap! ❤️
  17. billstanks
    billstanks davesfish
    hi; my name is bill sawyer, i`m trying to call john jonda, he was selling the tee shirts at today`s frag swap. i would like to buy another shift if possible, size 2x the one i want is the white one with fragginstein on it , if available call me at 440-4586209 or email me at thanks bill
  18. Chelo's Big Sis
    Chelo's Big Sis ronald.vaughn
    Hi Ron. This is Cindy Jahn. I need some electrical work done. Do you do side jobs still or know someone who does? LMK 216.375.4515
  19. 5Tanks4me
    Working on 125.
  20. 4rjn
    4rjn davesfish
    When is the next meeting