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New Profile Posts

  1. billstanks
    billstanks davesfish
    hi; my name is bill sawyer, i`m trying to call john jonda, he was selling the tee shirts at today`s frag swap. i would like to buy another shift if possible, size 2x the one i want is the white one with fragginstein on it , if available call me at 440-4586209 or email me at thanks bill
  2. Chelo's Big Sis
    Chelo's Big Sis ronald.vaughn
    Hi Ron. This is Cindy Jahn. I need some electrical work done. Do you do side jobs still or know someone who does? LMK 216.375.4515
  3. 5Tanks4me
    Working on 125.
  4. 4rjn
    4rjn davesfish
    When is the next meeting
  5. 5Tanks4me
    Was laid off today.
  6. Piper
    Piper davesfish
    Ty - any interest in my post on 5 aquariums? Lowered total price to $50. Includes three stands etc... see Dec 28 post. Thanks.
  7. Piper
    Piper davesfish
    Dave thanks for the reply on my post. No large pumps but some small ones and likely some heaters. Have to go through that box and will be happy to do so.
  8. Craig wolfe
    Craig wolfe Pola0502ds
    Saw post in forum. Looking to add some beginner soft corals. Looking for Kenya tree, candy cane, pink tip toadstool, ricordia yuma, Pom Pom Xenia, mushrooms. I have no trades but have cash just starting with corals. Are you willing to sell any of your frags?
    1. Pola0502ds
      I have some xenia and kenya tree I will give you for free
      Dec 13, 2016
  9. 5Tanks4me
    Moved my 50 gallon , so wife can set up Christmas tree.
  10. 5Tanks4me
    How do u upload pictures???
  11. 5Tanks4me
    Working on a 90 gallon reef
  12. Coral Addict
    Coral Addict
    Addicted to Reefing
  13. Silvya munkres
    Silvya munkres
    Need color in my tank :-)
  14. Rhodophyta
    Rhodophyta davesfish
    Dave, if you know anyone with a program on saltwater or reef aquariums, or any aquarium topic, The September 1 speaker for the Greater Akron Aquarium Society cancelled. The club will pay mileage plus a gift card.
  15. Rhodophyta
    Rhodophyta coldking
    Does anyone in C-SEA have a power point type presentation on saltwater aquariums, or reef tanks, or any aquarium theme? The September speaker cancelled at the last minute for the Greater Akron Aquarium Society meeting this Thursday night September 1, at 8 PM The club will give the speaker a gift card for a restaurant and pay mileage as well as a complimentary membership.
  16. 5Tanks4me
    Best purchase I've made.
  17. 5Tanks4me
    Rodi system installed. Getting .000 ppm! Very happy with air water ice. Best purchase I've made.
  18. 5Tanks4me
    Going to get water tested. The only fish in my tank,died. And one snail died. I'm confused...
  19. coldking
    Just getting used to the place
  20. FizxVix3n
    Beginning with a fresh BC29